School Programs

Allegro conducts FREE weekly movement education classes for children with disabilities at numerous Charlotte-Mecklenburg Elementary Public Schools as well as Fort Mill Public Elementary Schools, teaching vital academic skills while also strengthening bodies and teaching social skills.

Allegro instructors teach mathematical concepts, problem-solving skills, to identify body parts and their functions, as well as learning literacy through movement education. Extensive planning with school administrators, teachers, literacy facilitators, speech pathologists, and medical personnel are an essential component of these classes.

20+ children with disabilities are paired alongside one-on-one typically developing peer tutors (students from the same school who currently do not live with a disability) and leave their homerooms to travel to Allegro’s classroom as part of their school day. Allegro has become an important part of many school’s curriculum, including those listed below.

2016-17 CMS School sites 
Beverly Woods Elementary
Billingsville Elementary 
Bruns Academy 
Highland Renaissance Academy
Idlewild Elementary
Lake Wylie Elementary
Lawrence Orr Elementary 
Piney Grove Elementary
Rama Road Elementary
Selwyn Elementary
Winget Park Elementary
2016-17 Fort Mill School sites
Gold Hill Elementary  
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