Kids Helping Kids
Allegro’s Mentoring Program:
Typically developing elementary school students work one-on-one with Allegro’s students with disabilities on a weekly basis in each of our elementary program. Teachers and administrators have described this component of Allegro’s programs as extremely beneficial to both the children with disabilities and their peer tutors, citing that they are not sure who is learning more!
Peer tutors, chosen individually by their classroom teachers, must attend a pre-class workshop to learn proper techniques and disability etiquette before beginning hands-on training. Each week peer tutors will build bonds of friendship with students with disabilities, assisting with the physical manipulation of arms and legs and engaging in conversations to facilitate social learning.
Peer tutors are also asked to write in journals about their experiences. We have found that this supportive learning environment for children of all abilities improves the entire school atmosphere and reduces teasing!
If your school is interested in participating in an Allegro class, please call the Allegro office at 704-412-5229!


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